George Szabolcsi

You will love the enthusiasm and sensitivity that our pastor radiates when bringing the Word. The Szabolcsi's have served as missionaries to Hungary, Assistant Pastor and now Pastor to the Apostolic Church. We are happy to have the Szabolcsi family at the Apostolic Church in Belleville.


Jacob Tapia
Assistant Pastor


Bro. Jacob Tapia has many abilities, among them is playing the key- board, voice imitations, and most importantly, he is a powerful minister of the Word of God. Sis. Christina Tapia is a very talented vocalist. We are very happy to have the Tapia family  as part of the church family at the Apostolic Church in Belleville.

Now Behold the Lamb

Cinco de Mayo Event on May 3rd

Featured Audio Selection

Behind every great contribution made to the cause of mankind you will find a Jew standing somewhere in the  shadows or sunlight of that contribution.  Listen carefully to find the greatest Jewish connection of all.

  • The Jewish Connection (Stoneking)

Since 1967, Rev. Lee Stoneking, a seasoned world renowned evangelist, has been blessed with many signs and wonders following his ministry along with thousands who have been baptized in Jesus Name and received the Holy Ghost as a direct result of his ministry.  His prophetic ministry has inspired leaders to seek his counsel on many different occasions.  For more information and resources like this one, please visit


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